Wednesday, January 4, 2012

6X6 Art Show


Open call for all art mediums.  This year the show will be held at The Red Z Gallery in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  New to this show you will be able to sell your work.
Details are on the entry form.  If you have any questions,  please,  feel free to contact us!  Contact info is on the form.  We are excited and looking forward to another great show!

1 comment:

Scott Barnes said...

the gallery website on the form is incorrect. You forgot the "the" in

As it reads now, it's just, which goes to a generic web placeholder. Not trying to be picky, but it might scare some people off who might otherwise participate if there is a perception of a fly-by-night-operation.

(I'm going to hand out your call for entries to my students at the end of the semester. Hopefully it encourages them to keep working after the end of school in May)