Wednesday, November 10, 2010

These oranments are vintage clothes pins, the white ones ar wrapped with small strips os birch bark with "found" this and thats, their sign carries the message of "Hope". The tea stained ones are gauze with bells and twigs, their message is "Peace", and they have little birds for companions

"Fiesta" the cousin of "Pink Lady" is very colorful and always creating mischief. Which would explain why she is still with me. Not that I mind at all, there is never a dull moment aroound here!

This "Pink Lady" was adopted into a lovely home by a very nice lady! Just when you think they all lived happily ever after, danger lurked, alas! the end came quickly in the "jaws" of a sweet, curious and much loved dog. Moving on, there will be replacement and there will be a happy ending after all!